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In the National Bureau of statistics, the manufacturing industry is the third largest industry. These include: the production and manufacturing of means of living, such as agricultural and sideline products, food and beverage, tobacco, textile, clothing, leather, wood furniture, printing and sports goods and pharmaceutical manufacturing; the manufacturing of means of production, such as petrochemical, chemical fiber, rubber and plastic, non-metallic products manufacturing, metal smelting and processing, metal products manufacturing, general equipment manufacturing, industry Special equipment manufacturing, transportation equipment manufacturing, electrical equipment, communication electronics, etc.


The metal products in the manufacturing industry and the general parts in the general equipment manufacturing and other related products in the classification constitute the "hardware" in the usual sense. It can be seen that the above-mentioned small metal products are not a combination of metal products. In the whole manufacturing industry, the responsibility of "hardware" is to provide manufacturing enterprises with parts and production tools, rather than as the final use of industry-specific equipment. However, we can not deny the important role of "hardware" in the social production process: "hardware" and manufacturing industry are intertwined and inseparable as a whole.

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